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          1. Strapping

          2. Baler

          3. Packaging Machinery

          4. Foil tape

          5. Adhesive

          6. Film

          7. Packing belt production line unit

          8.    More   

            Ningbo pacific packing band co.,ltd. founded in 1988, is a professional production of packaging materials, packaging machinery and plastic machinery company. Located in the beautiful south bank of Hangzhou Bay, the world's first visit to the top of Longbridge "Hangzhou Bay Bridge" bridgehead east of Ningbo, near the West Hangzhou, and Shanghai across the sea, the location and convenient transportation, the company to develop the national industry as the goal, open economy as an opportunity to do better, and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge era of strong economic boom and common development.
            Since its creation after years of efforts to cultivate a strong technical force, stable technical team, continuous technological innovation and independent research and development, to provide customers with more cost-effective quality products. Companies in a wide range of business ideas, the production of plastic packing tape series, adhesive tape products series, plastic film series, packaging machinery and plastics machinery series of five leading products. Selling products at home and abroad, and import and export rights and ISO9002 international quality system certification
            The company pursues "technology, integrity, professionalism," the purpose, to create beautiful packaging world, dedication and work together with domestic and foreign customers, and seek common development!


            Contact us

            Ningbo Pacific Packing Band Co.,Ltd
            Tel: 0574-63569007
            Fax: 0574-63569569
            Mobile: 13906747103
            E-mail: manager@pacific-package.com
            Website: www.839008.com
            Address: No.98,Zhenhai Road,Fuhai Town,Cixi,Zhejiang

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